BTS Jin’s Funniest Weverse Translations Of All Time

Sometimes the auto-translator is right. Sometimes it’s wrong in all the right ways.

Some auto-translators get it right. Others couldn’t be more wrong. Then there’s Weverse; the app that goes above and beyond to read between the lines and bring English-speakers the sassiest translations possible.

1. The swearing that never happened

Recently, a fan wrote, “I remember this saying. It’s annoying that only one man like Jeon Jungkook exists in this world, but if there were many Jeon Jungkooks in this world, it wouldn’t make sense either.”

In reply, Jin wrote, Where on earth did this saying come from?”, but Weverse took his comment from conversational to combative…

…by translating it to this.

2. 80% accurate, 100% fact

One time, a fan asked Jin why their friend laughs at Jin’s dad jokes but not theirs. He said, “That’s because it’s necessary for their face to be good-looking.” Weverse more or less got the message across with this:

3. No gym needed for this workout

When a fan made this totally understandable request, Jin clapped back with a hilarious recommendation.

Hit me with your pretty hands

— Fan

What Jin said: “You can exercise your right to remain silent.” What Weverse says he said:

4. No school for Suga

One time, a fan posted a gif of Suga with a cute (but false) quote, “Ah, right! I need to get ready for kindergarten~ hehe.”

Jin said, “Don’t say such nonsense” or “Don’t be ridiculous”, according to Weverse.

5. Permission to joke? Denied.

Only one king of puns can wear the crown, and Jin isn’t ready to give his up any time soon. When a fan used the periodic table of elements for wordplay…

Yoongi oppa, Beryllium (Be), Gold (Au), Titanium (Ti), you’re (Full) of these, right..?

— Fan

…Jin didn’t approve, and neither did the Weverse translator.

6. You uneducated swine

If you think you want Jin to come be your teacher, think again! “Even if Seokjin oppa tells me 1+1=3,  I’ll believe,” an ARMY wrote.

Professor Jin said, “By any chance, what is your highest level of education?”, but Weverse was slightly more direct.

7. Close, but not quite

“It’s been about 20 minutes since I went into the pop-up storeㅠㅠ,” a fan wrote during a visit to BTS’s temporary merch shop. “ARMY, it’s heavenㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜ It’s heavenㅠㅜㅠ

Jin meant to say, “It would be hell for your bank account,” but Weverse decided that wasn’t strong enough. 

8. Lights out!

Like Jin, ARMY’s love hyperbole for the sake of comedy. One funny fan claimed that they used Jin’s photo to light up a room after their lamp had burnt out.

Oppa, our house’s fluorescent lamp burnt out, so I put a picture of you on it, and it’s glowing..

— Fan

Jin replied with, “Please come back to your senses.” For once, he and Weverse were on the same page.

9. Your prescription, courtesy of Dr. Jin

Plot twist! An ARMY used an auto-translator to write an imagined conversation between them and Dr. Jin. 

ARMY:  My heart is weak, I want medicine from [this] doctor. My heart is very weak.

Dr. Jin: The treatment is to look at my face.

ARMY: I have recovered.


Jin responded in English with this: