10+ Times Jungkook Showed BTS Love By Annoying The Sh*t Out Of Them

Jungkook doesn’t show his affection in the usual ways.

BTS‘s maknae is golden at many things, but he’s especially good at showing love for his hyungs in his own unique and playful ways. Here are 10+ times Jungkook said “I love you” to his members by annoying the absolute sh*t out of them.


1. When he refused to leave their live streams

When Jungkook crashes his members’ live streams to hang out with them (and ARMY), he has a habit of lingering…

…until they order him to leave…

…or drag him right out of the room!


2. When he interrupts them. Constantly.

Jungkook loves to tease his members by making their on-camera talks just a little more difficult.

He also interferes with their playtime…

…and selfies.


3. J-Hope congratulated Jin on his birthday with a high five. Jungkook did this.


4. That time he licked Jimin’s hand.

This is something you’d only do to close friends, right?


5. When he “attacked” Jin during rehearsal


6. When he got right up in Suga’s personal space.


7. When he imitated their singing, rapping, and/or dancing


8. When he stole their food. Sharing is caring!


9. When he refused to stop spinning V around on the playground.


10. When he messed up their hair.


11. When he gave them a hard time about helping them with their “missions”.


12. When his version of “xoxo” became “slaps” and “smacks”.


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