Here Are 10+ Moments Of BTS Babying Jungkook For A Boost Of Serotonin

#7 is insanely cute!

Jungkook may be a full grown adult, but to the BTS members, he’ll always be their baby! Check out 10+ adorable moments they showed they’ll always protect their little one no matter how big he gets.

1. Keeping his ears warm in the cold weather with hand warmers

2. Squishing him during a live broadcast for everyone to see

3. Taking photos of him sleeping cutely to remember the moment

4. Playing along with everything he does

5. Messing with him while he’s trying to sleep

6. Playing with his silky hair at any possible moment

7. Messing with his little ponytail because why not?

8. Playing with him like he’s a baby

9. Getting piggyback rides everywhere

10. Getting pats when he did a job well done

11. More and more head pats

12. Everyone nonchalantly messing with him like he’s their real youngest brother

13. Getting encouragement for his hard work during games

14. Receiving approval from the leader

15. Protecting him no matter what happens