12 Times BTS’s Jungkook Shocked ARMYs With His Insane Balance Skills And Core Strength

Seriously, how does he do #5?!

From handstands to modern dancing, BTS‘s Jungkook can perform just about anything with the utmost power and grace. His sheer core strength and balance allow him to perform the craziest moves that can take years of training to master. Check out 12 times he left fans in awe of his skills!

1. Spinning on one leg during “Dionysus”

He shows no sign of struggling throughout the entire move.

2. Being the king of limbo

Lesson learned: Never challenge Jungkook to limbo!

3. Spinning 15x and flawlessly pouring milk into the glass

A normal person might get dizzy…

…but Jungkook shakes it off like nothing happened!

When he said “Get up in the morning, cup of milk, let’s rock and roll,” he meant it!

4. Standing up like a true b-boy

Now he’s just showing off!

5. Spontaneously getting his “Rainism” on

He must be a blast at parties.

6. Keeping the tissue in the air much longer than everyone else

If you played this game as a kid, you know how difficult it can be!

7. During this part of “I Need U” choreography

He seemingly slows down mid-air…

…and comes down with a force like no other!

8. Spinning in “Butter”

It might not seem like much, but it requires immense precision and strength to perform it so smoothly.

Smooth like butter, that is!

9. Doing…whatever this is

He does it best.

10. Having enough core strength to do this after practice

Everyone’s exhausted but he’s just getting started!

11. Simultaneously showing grace and power when he dances

Jungkook’s balance and strength allow him to move super slow and elegantly when he needs to…

…and immediately shift and bring the power!

Doing both together creates an epic performance that is signature to Jungkook’s style.

12. Doing double the spins when he wants to

He makes it look effortless, but it comes with years of training and hard work!