Here Are BTS Jungkook’s Top 7 Most Legendary Videos, According To Netizens

#3 is so iconic!

From fancams to iconic moments, these videos are a must-watch for every ARMY! Check out some BTS Jungkook‘s best videos according to netizens below.

1. Idol Star Athletic Championships 400m Relay

Everyone remembers where they were when J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook left ARMYs with the most iconic event.

During the final lap, Jungkook dramatically flipped the tables!

He used all of his energy and strength to help his team win and it paid off!

2. 2017 MAMA “Mic Drop”

All of the BTS members tore up the stage during MAMA 2017.

During the end of “Mic Drop,” ARMYs were left shook by the dance break!

3. MBC Gayo Daejun 2016 “As I Told You” Cover

This unforgettable stage is etched into every ARMY’s mind.

From the performance to the concept, it will always be a fan-favorite.


4. “Mic Drop” Choreography Video

In this practice video, Jungkook showed off his true swag and colors.

His power and charisma perfectly match the intensity of “Mic Drop.”


5. Lotte Family Concert “Idol” and “Boy With Luv”

Who can forget the fancams that made him go viral in 2019?

Long-haired Jungkook took everyone by storm and nobody will ever forget this look!



6. 63rd GRAMMYs “Dynamite”

BTS’s GRAMMYs stage left everyone in awe of their stunning live vocals.

Opening the song, Jungkook left a lasting impression on viewers.


7. “Still With You”

Jungkook performed his self-composed song during BTS’s “ARMY Playlist.” Check it out below.

Source: theqoo