Netizens Choose Their Favorite Photos And GIFs Of BTS’s Jungkook — Here Are The 25 Most Gorgeous Picks

Try not to fangirl at #3! 😍

BTS‘s Jungkook is absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. In a recent post on a Korean community forum, netizens came together to fangirl over some of his most beautiful moments — and the popular post garnered hundreds of replies. You can check out 25 of their best choices below that are enough to make every ARMY fall in love all over again!

1. Wait for the wink!

2. He puts on his cutest face when taking a selfie for ARMY.

3. His charisma on stage is unreal!

4. Jungkook’s beauty is otherworldly.

5. This iconic moment from Muster Sowoozoo went viral among fans.

6. Jungkook in real life trumps everything!

7. Every time he flips his hair, fans go wild.

8. His “ending fairy” moments are the best in Boy With Luv.

9. His flawless visuals are even more evident on stage.

10. Jungkook looks best when he’s doing what he loves most: Performing!

11. He’s the king of adorable aegyo.

12. A peace sign and a heart for ARMY!

13. Have you ever seen such a cute flower boy?

14. We will never move on from his long hair in 2019.

15. A plain white shirt is his best look.

16. He always has a “boyfriend material” vibe!

17. He looks this good in unedited photos.

18. Even when he’s shedding tears, he’s still beautiful.

19. This if for the Dynamite Jungkook enthusiasts!

20. No Jungkook biased ARMY can survive this.

21. Run era is the G.O.A.T.

22. From short hair to long hair, Jungkook looks handsome in every style.

23. Do you miss his school days?

24. Nothing is quite like the end of Dionysus!

25. Jungkook’s endless charms make everyone fall for him.

Source: Nate Pann


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