10 Iconic BTS Jungkook Moments From 2022 We Will Never Forget

We can’t move on from #7!

Now that 2022 has ended, ARMY have picked their favorite moments from BTS‘s Jungkook throughout the past year. According to fans, here are some of his funniest, cutest, and most iconic moments!

1. When he made his own version of the “RUN BTS” challenge

2. When posted a 64-second video of him staring at the camera to wish Jimin a happy birthday

3. When he forgot everything about “Louder Than Bombs”

4. When he slayed during the introduction ceremony of the 2022 World Cup

5. When he tried to convince ARMY he’s not a baby but then did this

6. When he proved he was the biggest “That That” enthusiast

7. When he did this while singing “For Youth”

8. When he got mad during the perilla leaf debate

9. When he blessed us all with his vocals on “Left and Right” by Charlie Puth

10. When he showed off his tattoos like this

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