Here Are 10+ Moments That Prove BTS’s Jungkook Is A Living, Breathing Emoji

His eyes can’t get any bigger than #8.

BTS’s Jungkook is known for his big, round eyes that give him an innocent and bunny-like appearance. Check out these moments where he became the embodiment of the adorable internet emoticon: O_O!

1. Jungkook’s eyes have been his most distinct feature since day one.

Try not to get hypnotized by Baby Jungkook’s adorable gaze!

2. Those puppy dog eyes make him instantly noticeable.

He’s been a lady-killer since the crib!

3. Baby Jungkook: The number one cause of UWUs.

You can’t help but fall for those eyes.

4. You can never mistake him for someone else.

One look at that face and it’s obviously our maknae!

5. We can’t forget the legendary corndog picture.

Everything about this is ridiculously adorable.

6. As he grew up, his eyes stayed just as big as always.

Who can say no to those eyes?!

7. When he’s confused, he looks so innocent.

Here’s some wholesome teen JK content for you.


8. When he debuted, those same big eyes made him a fan-favorite.

He had the perfect maknae image.

9. His big eyes and bunny teeth together are the perfect combo.

How did these fans feel being face-to-face with him at a fansign?

10. He would always quietly listen.

His expression is so attentive.

11. Nowadays, nothing has changed!

Jungkook’s eyes get just as big when he’s focusing.


12. On stage, his eyes have a whole galaxy within them.

They tell the story of his music.

13. He’s hypnotizingly handsome.

Hey, give me my heart back!

14. His big eyes are just too loveable.

Try not to fall for Jungkook challenge: Failed!

Source: TheQoo