ARMYs Celebrate Jungkook’s Birthday With #TattoosForKoo — Here Are 10+ Stunning BTS-Themed Tattoos

ARMYs are just as creative as he is!

Since BTS‘s Jungkook loves to express himself through his tattoos, ARMYs decided to celebrate his birthday by showing off their own stunning body art! Check out some fans below who revealed their BTS-related ink for his special day with the hashtag #TattoosForKoo on Twitter.

1. Jungkook’s Drawing

2. Black Swan

3. Paradise and Mikrokosmos

4. Persona, Ego, and Shadow

5. Muster Sowoozoo

6. Zero O’Clock

7. Jungkook’s Silhouette and BTS’s Logo

8. Young Forever and Whalien 52

9. 2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)

10. Singularity and Life Goes On

11. everythingoes

12. Moonchild

13. Spring Day

14. A variety of BTS pieces

15. Blue & Grey

16. Hope World and more

17. Love Yourself and Magic Shop

18. Map of the Soul: 7

19. Dis-ease and many more

20. Stay