Here Are 10+ Moments BTS’s Jungkook Slayed ARMYs With His New Blonde Hair

We will never get over #6.

Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook made every ARMY’s dream come true by bleaching his hair platinum blonde for the 35th Golden Disc Awards. Check out the 10+ times he already proved to everyone that his new look his superior!

1. ARMYs have been waiting for this day for almost a decade.

Finally, our time has come to witness blonde Jungkook!

2. We all knew he would look good, but who knew he would look this good?!

We’re so used to his dark hair that it was hard to imagine him as a blonde.

3. From the hair to the outfit, he could be an anime character.

Seriously, how is he real?

4. I guess blondes really do have more fun.

Similarly, fans with a blonde bias also have more fun.

5. It gives him a refined and edgy look.

His sharp eyebrows pop in contrast to his light hair.

6. The only thing more dangerous than Jungkook’s body waves is blonde Jungkook’s body waves.

You have been warned.

7. Tattoos and blonde hair?

2021 is a time to be alive!

8. I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing.

It may take a few days to sink in that he actually did it.

9. Now, we wait for blonde Jungkook to do a ponytail.

The transformation will be complete.

10. Honestly, it takes skill to look so good in every hair color and style he tries.

He can do no wrong with his perfect visuals.

11. Who knows what color he’ll go for next!

First, let’s take it one step at a time and just try to survive this era. 😂