Here Are 10 Moments BTS’s Jungkook Proved He’s 100% Boyfriend Material

#2 shows his true personality!

BTS‘s Jungkook is hardworking, selfless, and will never stop making you laugh — Basically, he’s everyone’s ideal boyfriend! Check out some of his most “boyfriend material” moments below.

1. He loves his dog Bam with all his heart.

2. He’s extremely humble and won’t hesitate to help anyone.

3. He always makes sure everyone around him is okay.

4. He could sing you to during the most random, everyday moments.

5. He has so much love to give.

6. He loves his BTS members more than anything.

7. He looks perfect in the comfy boyfriend look!

8. He can totally cook for you.

9. He loves being funny and goofing around.

10. He works hard, but he also plays hard.