8 BTS Jungkook Calvin Klein Edits That Are Way Hotter Than They Have Any Right To Be

ARMYs are screaming over #6. 🔥

Calvin Klein recently announced that their newest celebrity campaign involves none other than BTS‘s Jungkook. The exciting news left ARMYs dreaming of the possibilities — and some even took it upon themselves to create edited photos of their take on Jungkook X Calvin Klein! Check out all of the fanmade edits below to see what may be in store for the future.

1. Hoping he shows off his impressive abs. 🤞

It’s a signature of Calvin Klein.

2. His campaign will be the best!

Our wallets are ready.

3. Imagine seeing this on an advertisement in the mall.

We are NOT ready for Jungkook X Calvin Klein!

4. Jungkook has already proved how much he loves the brand over the years.

He’s a perfect match!

5. Can we at least get photocards?

ARMYs are ready to collect the whole set.

6. Get ready for him to show off his toned physique.

BTS doesn’t call him their “muscle pig” for nothing!

7. This collab is such a dream!

We can’t wait to see the campaign.

8. Will he do the “boyfriend material” look or a chic style?

Only time will tell!

While we wait for the official release, check out the teaser video posted by Calvin Klein here.