11 Extremely Relatable BTS ARMY Reactions To “Jungkook x Calvin Klein”

#7 is so accurate.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently shocked ARMYs when “Jungkook x Calvin Klein” began trending on Twitter. With news of Cedric Murac, global head of creative at Calvin Klein, and Zayden Choo, commercial director, following Jungkook on Instagram, fans quickly went wild imagining all the possibilities. Will Jungkook become a global ambassador? Will he do a sexy Calvin Klein photoshoot? Only time will tell! For now, check out some of the most relatable and hilarious reactions from fans to the possibility of this collab below.

1. Expectation vs. Reality

We can only dream.

2. This isn’t a joke anymore.

I think we manifested too hard.

3. Get ready for the mad dash for Calvin Klein.

This is me when everything on the website says “sold out.”

4. If he becomes the ambassador, there’s no escape.

#STOPBTS…but not really.

5. Getting every last item just because Jungkook wore it in a photoshoot.

Just take my money!

6. The vision board brings it to life.

We’re not mentally prepared.

7. There’s no surviving if this happens.

Ready to get my heart broken by shirtless Jungkook.

8. Imagine he goes back to his cute self right afterwards.

His duality is crazy!

9. Okay, maybe we should face reality.

This would still be iconic in every possible way.

10. …Or what if it doesn’t happen?

Nothing is confirmed yet, so we never know what will really happen!

11. In the meantime, this compilation will bring the vision to life.

Whenever Jungkook x Calvin Klein happens, ARMYs are ready!


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