Here Are 10+ Moments Proving BTS’s Jungkook Is Basically A Cartoon Character

#8 is a classic. 😂

From his hilarious reactions to his animated expressions, everything BTS‘s Jungkook does is cute, bubbly, and full of life. His adorable and pure demeanor often leaves people comparing him to a cartoon character, and these 10+ moments will show you exactly why he’s earned that super cute reputation!

1. His animated expression after catching food in his mouth successfully

2. Running like a comedian

3. “I’m too nervous to sleep.” A moment later:

4. His instant change in expression

5. His shock and disappointment when he realized it wasn’t the right snack

6. His surprised face

7. Pointing to his head while thinking

8. His reaction to receiving snacks

9. Remembering the end of his speech after it was over

10. Trying to get one last bite

11. His face dropping as V drops his pizza

12. Accidentally doing this

13. RM asking if he wants cake and Jungkook already ordering it without hearing him

14. When he gave up looking

15. The inner turmoil of losing a Run BTS! game

16. Mistaking the MC for a BTS member and panicking

17. When he looked up with his chubby cheeks while eating

18. Pretending to be upset as a baby vs. his excitement to see fans

Source: TheQo