BTS Jungkook’s Cherry Red Hair Moments That We Need To See Again

Jungkook can rock any hair color.

BTS’s Jungkook, who has been rocking his black hair for quite awhile now, used to be a bit more daring with his hair colors in the past.

Out of the different colors he’s done, his cherry red hair was truly a legendary era that we all are longing to see again.

His bright cherry red hair gave off such soft bunny vibes that had fans’ falling in love all over again.

The vivid color matched well with his complexion, making him look even younger than he already is!

Although there isn’t any color that Jungkook can’t pull off…

…this red hair truly hits different.

His presence…



…he’s truly got the whole package.

I mean just look at his confidence exuding on stage!

His red hair stands out among the others too!

And although we love the bright red hair…

….we also love when the color fades to a vibrant shade of pink!

Although his personal taste for clothes is all black…

…it’s no lie that bright and colorful hues look amazing on him!

We can’t forget a classic Jungkook black outfit with the red hair either!

We may never know the next time Jungkook dyes his hair, but when he does, what color would you like to see next?

Source: theqoo