Here Are BTS Jungkook’s Top 4 Dance Practice Videos Of All Time, According To ARMY

Do you agree with their choices?

According to ARMY, you can’t watch these videos of BTS‘s Jungkook without falling for him! Check out his 4 best dance practice videos that show off his skills and charisma as a performer.

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

1. 2020 MAMA “On” Dance Practice

BTS prepared for their stadium-sized performance of “On” for 2020 MAMA with a full band and team of backup dancers.

However, fans couldn’t get over the charisma oozing from Jungkook in his casual, oversized outfit and signature ponytail!


2. “Baepsae” Dance Practice (Fun Version)

Not only did Jungkook rock a legendary, boyfriend material outfit that lives in ARMY’s minds rent-free…

…the choreography is just as iconic and memorable! From sexy to silly, this video has it all.



3. “Butter” Special Performance Video

Jungkook became the human embodiment of “Butter” in his oversized sweater.


He showed off his duality of boyish good looks and manly charisma!


4. “Mic Drop” Dance Practice (MAMA Dance Break Version)

“Mic Drop” suits Jungkook’s colors as an artist — especially the MAMA dance break version!



He gives 110% and lets his sharp and clean dance skills take center stage.



Source: TheQoo