13 Hilarious ARMY Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Surprise Cooking Livestream

#7 is so accurate! 😂

ARMYs were in for a treat when BTS‘s Jungkook unexpectedly went live during the late hours of the night to showcase his cooking skills. Take a look at what fans are saying about the livestream below.

1. To the ARMYs who were woken up in the middle of the night, we salute you.

This is true dedication.

2. This is our reaction when Jungkook mentioned how hungry he was.

Time to get to work!

3. There’s nothing he won’t share with ARMYs.

He seriously does it all!

4. Watching Jungkook eat is the 8th wonder of the world.

Give him all the delicious noms.

5. Everything Jungkook does is memeworthy.

Bookmarking this ASAP.

6. Jungkook’s live out of context makes a whole lot of sense.

The ARMYs who get it, get it.

7. This is Jungkook’s cute “angry” face he makes when he eats something tasty.

Admit it, we all do this, too.

8. The poor ARMYs who were sound asleep and missed everything will be in for a surprise.

Jungkook is just a night owl!

9. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Jungkook?

Everyone loves him.

10. BTS playing the guitar is so calming.

We want to see more of their skills.

11. Three words if you missed it: Life goes on!

Time to watch the replay.

12. How Jungkook’s meal ended…probably.

With all his besties by his side.

13. ARMYs are just too clever.

Let the “I ate” jokes begin.


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