25 “Typical Jungkook” Moments To Celebrate BTS’s Golden Maknae’s 25th Birthday

#6 is iconic!

To celebrate BTS Jungkook‘s 25th birthday (26 according to the Korean age system), check out 25 moments that show all the reasons we love him so much!

1. Being chaotic at every given opportunity

2. Accidentally renaming “Chipotle” to “Chicotle”

3. Taking an ARMY’s marriage proposal seriously

4. Always popping buttons off his clothes

5. Loving his leader RM the absolute most

6. This legendary line

7. Immediately dancing in sync with V

8. Being out of this world talented at everything, including painting

9. Going crazy when he loses in Run BTS!

10. Becoming the king of meme expressions

11. Snuggling up with his hyungs in the cutest way

12. Bringing back “Rainism” and any old choreography while on set

13. Always moving, even behind the scenes

14. Looking too goof for words while shooting Me, Myself, & Jung Kook

15. This hilarious moment in “Left and Right” with Charlie Puth

16. Getting squished

17. Slaying the “Butter Remix” choreography with 3J

18. When his food didn’t turn out quite how he expected

19. Being the best dog dad to Bam

20. Eating like a bunny

21. Slaying every hairstyle, including a man bun


22. Sharing one brain cell with Jin

23. Putting all of his effort into everything he does

24. Always showing his goofy side

25. Being the cutest!