BTS Jungkook’s Journey From Camera Lover To Director — 20+ Times He Showed His Passion For Cameras

#6 proves his dedication.

Over the past few years, BTS Jungkook‘s love for stepping behind the camera has grown to the point where he has earned the title of director for BTS’s “Life Goes On” music video. Check out these 20+ moments where his love for directing made everyone think it was only a matter of time until he officially became one!

1. Even during BTS’s early days, Jungkook was curious about recording videos with the staff’s equipment.

2. Typically in front of the camera, he tried something different to know how it felt behind the camera.

3. Every chance he got, he began attempting to try it for itself.

4. It eventually grew into a hobby of his.


5. During many of BTS’s schedules, he began to bring his camera everywhere.

6. His camera bag stays attached to his hip, regardless of where he goes.

7. You can always count on him for behind-the-scenes photos and videos of wherever he travels.

8. As someone with extreme attention to detail, Jungkook does everything he can to get the perfect shot.

9. Whether he’s recording himself…

10. …or his fellow BTS members!

11. There’s plenty to capture on camera when the whole squad is around.

12. Even food makes the perfect subject for Jungkook’s camera.


13. Now, this is a boy who loves art and technology.

14. Jungkook can let his artistic visions shine through the camera lens…

15. …No matter how small it is!

16. Even though he’s equally as talented as the subject.

17. ARMYs could see Director Kook in the future from a mile away!

18. From taking pictures to recording and editing videos…

19. …There’s nothing he can’t do!

20. If it makes him happy, ARMYs are even happier.

21. Any hobby he tries, he does his absolute best to master it.

22. He might even inspire ARMYs to pick up an extra hobby of their own.


23. As a bonus, he looks pretty good doing it!

24. Wouldn’t you agree?

25. Whether he’s on stage…

26. Behind-the-scenes…

27. Or doing it just for fun…

28. …We can’t wait to see what Director Jungkook has in store next!

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Source: TheQoo