10+ Must-See Moments From BTS Jungkook’s (Probably Not) Last Livestream Before Enlistment

We will miss these moments!

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for his sudden and often hours-long live streams. On December 8, the idol held what could (or could not) be his last live before his military enlistment later this month.

Here are 16 must-see moments from the livestream!

1. Out In The Wild

Jungkook began his livestream as he was walking outside, making it feel like we were on a videocall with a friend.

2. English And Giggles

Jungkook answered a fan’s question in English, giggling after he spoke.

3. Calling Out Sasaengs

According to Jungkook, sasaengs (stalker fans) will even wait outside of his house. The BTS member had some strong words for those who chose to invade his privacy.

Even nowadays there are sasaengs in front of my house. Stop coming, you bas**rds, ssh– tsk.

— Jungkook

4. Surprise Guest

Jin dropped into the stream to, of course, tease the group’s maknae.

5. Let the karaoke begin.

As with any JK live, the star sang many songs, including V‘s “Slow Dancing” and his own “Too Sad To Dance.”

6. Showing Off His Cleaning

Jungkook has been preparing for his enlistment, including taking care of some cleaning. The star gave fans a look at his well-organized drink collection.

7. Coping His Hyung

He’s got J-Hope‘s signature move down.

8. “God Of Music” Jungkook Version

Jungkook sang and danced to SEVENTEEN‘s “God Of Music,” giving his 97-liner bestie Mingyu‘s group a cool shout-out.

9. Buzzcut Teases

The star said he would reveal his shaved head when he was ready but couldn’t resist teasing fans a little.

10. “Louder Than Bombs”

“Louder Than Bombs” supremacists rise!

11. Always Unserious

One thing Jungkook will always be is unserious.

12. Maybe not the last?

When asked if this was the last livestream, Jungkook said he might be able to do one more before he leaves!

Check out moments from BTS’s last group live below!

20 Must-See Moments In BTS’s Final Livestream Before Enlistment