Here Are 12 Fantaken Moments Of BTS’s Jungkook IRL Proving He Has A Galaxy In His Eyes

#3 is just *chef’s kiss*

BTS Jungkook‘s eyes are so stunning in person, they reflect every light like a beautiful solar system. Check out these 12 up-close, fantaken moments of him that show just how pretty his eyes are in real life!

1. On stage, the ARMY bombs reflect in his eyes.

So beautiful!

2. There’s a whole solar system going on in there.

Stars, suns, moons — You name it!

3. If this doesn’t hypnotize you, nothing will.

If you need me, I’ll be staring into his eyes 24/7.

4. This just in: Jungkook is real.

Like, not CGI? Are you sure?

5. The way he looks at the crowd is so endearing.

The things ARMYs would do to be in that crowd right now…

6. His eyes tell a story.

I’m trying to get to chapter 2.

7. His eyes turn into the cutest crescents when he smiles.


8. This is the boyfriend-material-but-too-perfect-to-be-boyfriend-material look.

Ah, yes. ARMYs love that one.

9. The excitement in his eyes is so genuine.

How can you not love him?!

10. Round bunny eyes: Activate!

He’s too good at this.

11. Eye contact with him is everything.

It would be a dream come true!

12. Jungkook’s eyes just lure you in.

There’s no escape!