9 Times BTS Jungkook’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

You’re not ready for his muscles in #5. 🤯

Known for his adorable face and muscular physique, BTS‘s Jungkook is a walking contradiction! Often called “Baby Oppa” for having such a harsh contrast, he has the best of both worlds. Check out a few moments below where he left everyone in awe of his duality.

1. His wet, curly hair on Run BTS! left ARMYs comparing him to a puppy.

However, the moment he shows his muscles, suddenly that cute puppy-like face no longer fits!

2. It’s hard not to fall for his youthful beauty and cute expressions…

…and the same goes for his big body!

3. Nothing shines brighter than Jungkook’s smile!

However, you might have a hard time looking away from his built back.

4. Baby face on In The Soop: ✅

Hot body: ✅

5. Don’t let his cuteness fool you…

…he’s totally made of muscle!

6. His nickname makes sense: Meet “Baby” Jungkook…

…and now meet Jungkook “Oppa!”

7. He is a true definition of a “visual.”

Yes, in every sense of the word!

8. ARMY loves his iconic ending fairy moments…

…almost as much as ripped jeans!

9. One thing is for sure…

…Jungkook is the man of everyone’s dreams!