Here Are BTS Jungkook’s Top 7 Concert Fancams, According To Netizens

#4 is a must-see!

BTS‘s Jungkook is a master of the stage. If you weren’t able to catch his most iconic performances in person, you can relive them through fancams below! According to netizens, here are his best stages.

1. “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Seoul — “Fake Love”

Every ARMY needs to experience this legendary moment in HD!

When Jungkook’s button came undone, fans went crazy for his cute reaction.

The performance has already become legendary!

Check it out below.

2. “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in LA — “Permission To Dance”

After many years without performing concerts, BTS returned to the US for their first show back in front of fans.

Jungkook’s encore performance showed how much fun he was having!

Watch the full song and end of the show below.

3. 2019 Golden Disk Awards — “Fake Love”

Another “Fake Love” performance that gained traction happened in 2019.


This particular look and stage is iconic among ARMYs and it’s easy to see why!

4. 2019 Billboard Music Awards — “Boy With Luv”

BTS slayed the stage with Halsey at the 2019 BBMAs.

One of Jungkook’s best moments was his iconic “ending fairy” pose!

5. Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour at Wembley Stadium — “Euphoria”

Every “Euphoria” performance brings ARMYs to a whole new world…

…but the one in Wembley was the most magical of all!

Watch a zoomed out view as Jungkook flies through the stadium below.

6. Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour in Osaka — “Mic Drop”

If you love a more edgy and cool performance, this iconic “Mic Drop” stage is for you!

From the outfits to the dance break, it’s a stage that nobody will forget as the years go on.

7. 2019 Lotte Family Concert — “Idol”

Jungkook went viral among non-fans for this performance.

He had such a great impact with his new look that long hair for men began trending shortly after!

Check out the full performance below.

Source: theqoo