9 Of The Most Relatable And Funny Comments Left By Korean Fans On BTS Jungkook’s Legendary Fancam

Our hearts go out to #7.

BTS‘s Jungkook is always slaying every performance but this video is touted by Koreans as one of his “legendary fancams”, just for how good he looks in it.

There’s no doubt his longish curls are one of his best-loved looks! Here are 9 of the most relatable and funny comments left by Korean ARMYs on the video.

1. Jungkook nation

Someone said this… If BTS made a country, the country would be called Kim-Namjoon-Kim-Seokjin-Min-Yoonhi-Jang-Hoseok-Park-Jimin-Kim-Taehyung-Jeon-Jungkook (“kook” means country in Korean) and the sea name would be Borahae (“hae” means sea in Korean) and the currency would be Hwayang Yeonhwa. (currency in Korean is “hwa-pe”)


2. Girl in Luv

We felt this one when the fan simply said, “Oh, it looks like I’m in love with Jungkook?

3. Getting the bags

Jungkook-ah. It’s your grandmother. This grandmother. Deleted your bank number. Quick. Tell me the number.


4. When your boyfriend is also a stan

We only wish our other halves could be as understanding! This fan claimed, “it all started when my boyfriend watched this video… the start of our Kakaotalk conversations being spammed with long-haired Jeon Jungkook…

5. Another bag

If you were going to be like this, write your bank account in the lyrics


6. Stealing male hearts

This sneaky little army claimed, “my phone isn’t a smartphone, so I stole my sister’s when she was sleeping so I could leave a comment… I think I can’t function daily without Jungkook anymore… The girls in my class were buying albums in bulk due to the comeback, so I lied and said I was getting one for my sister’s birthday and bought it… I look at it in secret but I can’t control myself so I’m leaving a comment…

7. Friendzoned

Our hearts go out to this one. The fan claimed, “Ah f*ck. The girl I was in a flirting thing with said her ideal type was Jeon Jungkook and that no matter what, it’s Jeon Jungkook. So I searched him up, and I watched this video 4 times, and I think I was f*cking rejected indirectly kkkkkkkk

8. Another male fan

Ah hyung, Jungkook hyung… have me…hyung…I love you really… I like girls but…I love BTS…Jungkook hyung…your mother-in-law is waiting…come here quick…I love you hyung


9. World peace through Jungkook

Ah where’s that comment that said because people are looking at Jeon Jungkook’s face, World War IV wouldn’t break out.


All highly relatable comments, but which one was your favorite?