Here Are 20 Of BTS Jungkook’s Cutest Fansign Moments Caught On Camera

Imagine having #7 happen to you. 🥰

BTS‘s Jungkook reaches maximum cuteness when interacting with ARMY during fansign events. Check out 20 of his most adorable moments that will make you fall in love with him all over again!

1. Shrugging like an innocent baby

He’s the cutest in the world.

2. Taking a peek at the next person in line

This is too heart-fluttering!

3. The look on his face when he sees the snack

The way to Jungkook’s heart is through his stomach.

4. Declaring himself as Prince JK

This is what royalty looks like.

5. Listening intently to fans

How to not fall for him?!

6. Being an actual baby

Bonus points for the way he changes his expression so fast!

7. Grabbing her hand without even looking up

This is how Busan men flirt.

8. Bride Kook making an appearance

It should be illegal to be this precious.

9. Making the bunny dance

He’s just trying to bust a move.

10. Listening intently to fans (Part 2)

You can see how much he really treasures everything his fans say.

11. Blowing up a heart like a balloon

He’s filling it with love.

12. Rock-Paper-Kook

He’s doing his best.

13. A moment of heart-stopping eye contact


14. All-around being adorable

Cuteness just comes naturally to him!

15. Cinnamoroll Kook

Sanrio lovers, unite!


16. “I’m not a baby.”

The final words he said before the word “baby” was placed upon his Pikachu ear.

17. When he almost ate the microphone instead of the snack

This feels familiar!

18. When he became Judy

The crossover everyone has been waiting for!

19. What would the end of the list be without Bunny JK?

It’s his true form.

20. …And one more for the road!

His whole existence is too adorable for words.

Source: TheQoo