Here Are 12 Of BTS Jungkook’s Best Off-Schedule Edgy Fashion Looks

#2 is his legendary look!

BTS‘s Jungkook loves to express himself through his unique fashion choices. Check out 12 of the looks he’s rocked off-schedule that drove ARMYs crazy for him!

1. He loves layering pieces.

The more oversized, the better!

2. His casual sporty style is a hit among ARMYs.

You can’t blame them for loving this look!

3. His must-haves? A huge tote and stomping boots.

Bonus points if they’re black!

4. Within the past few years, he started getting more daring with his fashion.

The innovative king loves mixing-and-matching unique pieces.

5. You can always catch him in a matching set!

It’s super convenient for someone with such a busy life.

6. This Louis Vuitton set just screams, “Jungkook!”

Layer it with a black shirt and the look is complete.

7. When he wears skinny jeans, he opts for rips in the knees.

Additionally, his favorite go-to’s at this time were his Carhartt beanie and Stussy t-shirt.

8. Jungkook can rock a button-up shirt like no other!

On the rare occasions he wears one of these, he brings out his chic side.

9. When the weather gets cold, it’s time for a leather jacket.

They go with anything, including his signature huge bag!

10. Jungkook always stays comfy!

That’s rule #1 of his fashion style.

11. When in doubt, layer all of the black pieces in your closet.

Black always matches black!

12. Cool touches like a thick belt and rolling up his sleeves shows off his manly side.

He makes being a heartthrob look effortless!