Here Are The Awards Each BTS Member Would Give Jungkook

Someone thinks he’s “so scary” lately!

In celebration of their upcoming 8th anniversary, the BTS members recently released their handwritten 2021 FESTA profiles. These profiles offer in-depth descriptions of themselves and each other, including the made-up awards they would give to each member! Check out what they each decided to award Jungkook with below.

1. RM

RM decided to give Jungkook the “Jong Kook Award,” named after actor and entertainer Kim Jong Kook who is known for his built physique.

As Jungkook gets more and more muscle, he shares more in common with Jong Kook than a similar name — Now his muscular body is catching up!

2. Jin

Similarly, Jin gave Jungkook the “Muscle Award!” His reasoning? He can lift a member with one hand!

3. Suga

Suga used witty wordplay and gave Jungkook the “Actually Award,” claiming that when he starts something, he doesn’t actually continue it!

4. J-Hope

J-Hope gave Jungkook the “You Look Nice Award,” praising him for his new haircut that suits him perfectly.

5. Jimin

Jimin hilariously gave Jungkook the “So Scary Award.”

His body is too big.

— Jimin

The “little” youngest is not so little anymore!

6. V

V also commented on Jungkook’s fitness and gave him the “Please Stop Award.”

Please stop working out!

— V

You can ask him all you want…

…but it seems Jungkook’s love for fitness will never run out!

Come on, guys, he’s not that scary!

However, he’s definitely dangerous for ARMY’s hearts!