15 Moments Where BTS’s Jungkook Was Unintentionally The Funniest Person Alive

#4 is a classic. 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook doesn’t have to try to be funny — It just comes naturally! Check out the hilarious moments below where he made everyone laugh without even trying.

1. When he accidentally mispronounced “Chicotle” and caused a whole rebranding

2. When he was this happy getting tons of candy

3. Realizing why the whole world seemed yellow

4. When he told a “secret” during a live broadcast

5. When Kookachu suddenly appeared

6. When he completely forgot a BTS song even existed

7. When he collapsed listening to his young self rap

8. When this iconic moment was born

9. Coming up with a meaning for his autograph on the spot

10. When his pitch of not wanting to become class president earned him the title

11. When he did naughty charades during Run BTS!

12. Resisting the urge to touch the toys

13. Mistaking the MC as a BTS member and getting embarrassed

14. When he didn’t know what “lol” meant

15. Cracking up at himself singing in Chinese