BTS’s Jungkook With Glasses Can Wreck Your Life, And You’ll Still Thank Him For It — Here Are 12 Receipts, Your Honor

It’s magical how look #8 transformed him into another BTS member — can you guess who?

 BTS‘s Jungkook‘s perfect visuals are out of this world.

Perhaps this is why in terms of fashion, he prefers to wear all-black outfits…

…or plain white shirts in order to let his natural beauty shine, right?

It’s a rare treat whenever Jungkook’s in the mood to “dress up” and accessorize with his variety of glasses, so we have compiled his latest bespectacled looks below.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine him reacting like this when you compliment him on his glasses, okay?


1. Pretty boy Jungkook looking like he just came from a manga 

2. The choker is already too much, but together with the glasses?

Bless your heart, Jungkook stans. Bless your happy little hearts.

3. His white eyeglasses are enhanced by his red leather jacket

4. Drummer boy Jungkook’s here to serenade you with his honey voice and fantastic drumming skills

5. At first glance, he can easily pass as your school’s resident heartthrob

6. Jungkook doesn’t even need to ask — of course you’ll lend him your homework!

7. The jumper-and-glasses combo is making ARMYs feel all kinds of feels

8. It’s adorable how he smiles so bright whenever he’s with ARMYs

9. Don’t let first impressions fool you…

…his smile is one of the brightest blessings to exist in the history of mankind. Look at how his eyes twinkle behind his glasses!

10. Bunny boy Jungkook, literally 

11. It hits different when long-haired Jungkook wears glasses

12. Finally, the ultimate bespectacled look that has taken the world by storm!

Jungkook may serve different kinds of vibes when he’s wearing glasses — but this doesn’t mean his personality will change. For example, you can find out in the next article below that his reaction is always the same whenever his friend  teases him!

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