BTS Jungkook’s Growth From Toddler To Twenty-Four, As Told In Photos

There’s just one thing that hasn’t changed! His sparkly eyes.

BTS‘s Jungkook is now one of the richest stars on the market, and all before even hitting 25 internationally. While we celebrate his success, here’s a look back on his growth, from his younger days up to now.

1. Toddler Jungkook

A totally adorable shot cropped from a family photo.

2. A little older

Here’s a photo from when he was just a tad older.

3. The famous audition

He was only 14 years old internationally when he auditioned for Superstar K.

4. A trainee in high school

Ah, the well-known yellow uniform from SOPA.

5. Right after debut at 16

He was only 16 internationally at debut. His young age is evident in his face.


6. Late teens

Jungkook was around 17 to 19 in these GIFs.


7. Legal and ready to rumble

Here’s him at 22 back in 2019. Have we mentioned we love his wavy, long hair?

8. Last but not least

Here’s Jungkook in 2021.

With the precious maknae turning 25 next year, who knows what the world has in store for him? We just know we’ll be here for it all.

Source: BTS