Here Are 5 Of BTS Jungkook’s Most Unique Habits That Are Just So Him

#4 says a lot about who he really is.

As BTS‘s adorable maknae, Jungkook has tons of cute quirks. However, ARMYs never get tired of the precious and unique things he does! Here are 5 of the habits that he loves to do the most.

1. His sleeping position

When Jungkook sleeps, he always crosses his legs in pretzel style.

He does this at any given opportunity when he’s napping backstage or sleeping at the dorm.

He does it so often that Suga once drew Jungkook’s sleeping position — and totally nailed it!

| Sugaxing/Tumblr

As long as he’s comfortable, he can sleep how he wants!

2. Massaging the members

At any given moment, chances are Jungkook is giving one of his hyungs a massage.

Whether they’re answering questions in an interview…

…in the audience at an award show…

…or just backstage, Jungkook is always there to help them feel good!

3. Scrunching his nose

One of Jungkook’s most obvious habits is the way he scrunches his nose when he laughs.

Watch as he transforms from a human to a bunny in the blink of an eye!

Even many years ago, he was still doing this precious habit.

We hope this is one habit he never breaks…

…because bunny Jungkook is just too cute!

4. Staring at the members with loving eyes

Massaging the members isn’t the only way Jungkook shows his love for them.

If you pay attention, he never stops looking at them with loving eyes!

All his attention goes to whoever is speaking.

You can tell how much he really cherishes them by the way he listens.

Out of all of the activities Jungkook wanted to do during BTS’s show In The Soop…


…he decided to pick “watching his members!”


5. Bending his wrists

At first, you might not notice how flexible Jungkook’s wrists are.

| Naver

However, once you see it, you realize how soft he truly is!

| Naver

Fans compare him to the way bunnies often hang their paws.

| TheQoo

This habit is just too cute!

| Naver