Here Are All Of The Hair Colors BTS’s Jungkook Has Ever Tried

ARMYs will never forget #4.

BTS‘s Jungkook has experimented with his hair color so much over the years, you might have forgotten some of his past styles. Check out the evolution of his hair colors below and reminisce about your favorite looks!

1. Black

Jungkook’s most common look is his jet black hair.


Black is anything but basic on him!


2. Brown

When he went for a medium brown color, it brought out his cute side even more.


There’s just something extra fluffy about brown-haired Jungkook!

3. Red

In 2014, Jungkook tried out red hair for the first time.

Years later, he brought back the color in an ombré look.



4. Purple

During “DOPE” era, Jungkook emerged with an eggplant-colored ‘do.


This gives a whole new meaning to “I Purple You!”


5. Ash Brown

In 2018, Jungkook tried ash brown hair for the first time.


The pastel color went perfectly with his light skin and dark eyes.


6. Cherry

Soon after, Jungkook went for a cherry color that was a mixture of bright red and pink.


Not many people can look this good in the extreme color!


7. Grapefruit

Jungkook became a pastel prince went he let the cherry look fade into the trendy grapefruit color.


His versatility makes everything he tries look flawless on him…which makes it hard to pick a favorite look!

8. Blonde

After throwing in some highlights…

…Jungkook eventually went bleach blonde!

Recently, he brought back the look when he bleached his long hair.


9. Brown with highlights

During “Not Today” era, Jungkook threw in some purple highlights to his brown hair.


He became a multi-colored prince with the unique look!


10. Teal

Jungkook has continuously experimented with dip-dye and has even tried teal.


The fade from black to teal is super cute!


11. Blue

Most recently, he went for a true blue in his latest selfie. After trying just about every color of the rainbow, Jungkook proves he suits any color!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter