Here Is BTS Jungkook’s Crazy Hair Evolution Since 2021 Started

He changes it every few weeks!

Lately, BTS‘s Jungkook has branched out and tried many new hairstyles…all in the span of the first few months of 2021. Let’s rewind to the beginning and remind ourselves of every color he’s done so far!

1. Blonde

At the 2021 Golden Disc Awards, Jungkook emerged with his brand new blonde ‘do.

ARMYs were shocked to see he switched up his look from his typical dark hair color he usually had.

All it took was one blonde selfie for him to trend worldwide!

| Weverse

2. Blue

At the end of February, Jungkook went for a bold look and posted a selfie showcasing his bright blue hair.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He soon got a haircut and showed off his new hair during a live broadcast.

The bold and edgy color suits his personality…

…but it didn’t last long!

3. Mint Choco

Soon, he returned with another live broadcast with his faded hair.

| Naver

The blue had faded to a pastel mint green and his dark roots began to grow in.

He dubbed this look his “mint choco” hair!


4. Ash Blonde

For the 2021 GRAMMYs, he had a subtle change.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He got rid of the green tint and displayed an ash blonde shade of hair.

| Weverse

5. Blonde

For BTS’s appearance on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, he rocked his original blonde look again.


He makes it hard to choose your favorite look on him!

| tvN

6. Platinum

In BTS’s latest “Film Out” music video, Jungkook seems to have had a refresher on his blonde hair to lift it to an even brighter shade.


He gave off ethereal vibes with the stunning color and subtle curls.

7. Silver

In HYBE Labels’ new “HYBE x Ithaca Holdings” video, Jungkook’s latest hair color looks close to silver.

He’s been bold with his hair choices this year and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

| HYBE/YouTube

Check out this newest color below!