Here’s BTS’s Jungkook In 12 Different Hairstyles Just Because He Can

Which is your favorite?

BTS‘s Jungkook definitely rocks every single hairstyle! From the bowl cut to a long perm, there’s nothing he doesn’t look handsome in. Here’s 12 different hairstyles of his for you to choose your favorite from.

| @goldenstage_jk/Twitter

1. Bedhead

We kind of like this one best.

2. Bucket hat

No guy looks as stylish as him with a bucket hat.

3. Baseball cap

These are actually lowkey hard to pull off, especially if you have a round face.

4. The iconic long perm

We’re absolutely in love with this hair for him.

5. Natural, straight hair

Okay, but he only looks like that because he’s Jungkook! If we rolled out of bed we’d definitely not look this good.

6. Long hair, parted clean

His forehead is glorious and we’d like to see more of it.

7. Maltese hair

Korean fans call this his maltese perm as it makes him look like an adorable puppy.

8. Shorter waves

The shorter version of his long perm, he still looks adorable.


9. Waves, with short bangs

Okay, we get that his permed hair has lots of variations to it, but believe us when we say, there’s a difference.

10. Neat and tidy

Perhaps the textbook hair for every guy that wants to make a good first impression.

11. Half-bangs

Not exactly the comma hair but Koreans call his the “ban-kkan” hair, also known as the half-down, half-pushed back.

12. Bowl cut but make it trendy

Perhaps a staple for every male idol to go through at least once!

Which is your favorite? We’re still on the fence because he looks amazing in all of them.

| @mnet_official/Twitter


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