BTS Jungkook’s Instagram Playlist: 8 Great Songs To Add To Your Own

He is using his star power to promote other artists.

BTS‘s Jungkook has the power to raise up other talented musicians just by sharing their songs on Instagram. If you’re looking for new music, Jungkook’s playlist is the place to start!


1. Justin Park – “On the Low”

On December 16, 2021, Jungkook shared this song by LA-based artist Justin Park, captioning it, “The song is so good….” The artist later thanked Jungkook in his own Instagram story.

2. HOMIES – “GENERATION (Prod. Lean$moke)”

On December 16, 2021, Jungkook also shared a clip from this song. He captioned it, Real Louis Vuitton,” lyrics from “GENERATION.” 

3. G.Soul – “Hate Everything”

On February 3, Jungkook posted an English vocal cover of G.Soul’s heartbreakingly beautiful song.

G.Soul later thanked Jungkook in an Instagram Live, saying, “He sounds amazing. Shout out to Jungkook, man. He sounds so amazing singing my song. Oh my God.”

4. Teyana Taylor – “Bare Wit Me”

Jungkook sent ARMY into a frenzy when he uploaded his dance cover to Teyana Taylor’s track. The choreography was created by Street Dance Girls Fighter dancer Jo Nain.

Jo Nain just keeps winning! After the Street Dance Girls Fighter finale, Jungkook helped her name her new YouTube channel.

5. Finn Askew – “Roses”

On February 6, Jungkook shared a clip from Finn Askew’s official lyric video in a story. Askew responded in a TikTok video, saying, Am I dreaming? Jungkook from BTS.”

6. Ruel – “too many feelings”

On February 6, Jungkook also shared a clip from “too many feelings.” The artist responded by writing, “Wow thank u Jungkook! :)” in his own story. 

7. AUDREY NUNA – “Space”

Thanks to Jungkook, Space” and “AUDREY NUNA” trended at #2 and #6 on Melon after Jungkook shared the song in his story. 

8. O3ohn – “Even days”

Jungkook shared his latest recommendation, “Even days,” in a story on February 7. This bittersweet song is part of the OST for the K-Drama Blue Birthday. O3ohn sweetly thanked Jungkook in a story, writing, “I love you BTS, I love you Jungkook.”