BTS’s Jungkook Personally Helps “Street Girls Fighter” Dancer Jo Nain Name Her YouTube Channel

Lucky girl!

Street Girls Fighter is currently all the rage. After the success of Street Woman Fighter, Mnet decided to make a teenaged spinoff of the show. The show gained so much traction that even BTS is watching it! RM even showed his support for the show previously.

If RM is watching it, it’s a no brainer that the other members would be too. Jungkook even previously uploaded an Instagram story to show his support for the dance crew NEWNION.

| @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz/Instagram

They were my first choice TT
All of you worked hard
I had so much fun watching while I was on break

— Jungkook

This time, he showed his support for the teams by personally responding to a story by one of the hottest dancers on the show, Jo Nain. Nain is only 19 but she’s already an accomplished dancer. Not only is she part of the esteemed dance crew, Just Jerk, she’s also a choreographer and a studio teacher.

It seems that Nain is creating her YouTube channel soon, and she asked her followers for suggestions. Little did she know that BTS’s Jungkook would personally help her select a channel name! He sent in a response to the question and suggested the name, “have a good Nain“. The name is a pun on the phrase, “have a good night.” Nain posted a screenshot of his viewing her story along with an excited emoji.

What a huge accomplishment! She must be over the moon that a world star is paying such close attention to her skills! Of course, BTS has always been known to support rising young talents, so this comes as no surprise. Congratulations to Nain!