“Street Dance Girls Fighter” NEWNION Responds To BTS’s Jungkook


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BTS‘s Jungkook has nothing but praise for the dance crews on Street Dance Girls Fighter!


Street Dance Girls Fighter is a spin-off of Street Woman Fighter, a dance survival program on Mnet. In it, talented teen dance crews competed for a scholarship, a trophy, and the opportunity to be advertising models for financial services for teenagers.

Street Dance Girls Fighter poster | Mnet

After TURNS was crowned the winning crew, Jungkook took to Instagram to congratulate them. He also gave a shoutout to his personal favorite and Runner-Up, NEWNION.


They were my first choice TT
All of you worked hard
I had so much fun watching while I was on break

— Jungkook

NEWNION’s time on the show concluded with a powerful stage inspired by traditional Korean dance.

Now, NEWNION’s crew members are responding to Jungkook’s praise. On Instagram, Simmon (Kim Soo Hyun), reposted Jungkook’s story with the caption, “It’s an honor…” 

It’s easy to feel Kim Min Ji‘s excitement in her post. In the caption, she wrote, “IT’S BANGTAN’S JUNGKOOK!!!!” and tagged several of her crew members.

When words just aren’t enough, emojis do the trick. Hwang Seo Young reposted a fan’s repost of Jungkook’s story with three starry-eyed smiley faces, puppy eyes, and a bow emoji.https://www.instagram.com/p/CYPEC3xv9u6/

NEWNION might not have taken home a trophy on Street Dance Girls Fighter, but they’re still winning!