BTS’s Jungkook Roots For His “Street Dance Girls Fighter” Pick In The Finale

In a word, “AAAAHHHHHHH.”

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The finale of Street Dance Girls Fighter had viewers on the edge of their seats and one of those viewers was BTS‘s Jungkook.


Street Dance Girls Fighter is a spin-off of the dance survival program Street Woman Fighter. In it, teen dance crews competed to become the top dance crew. In addition to bragging rights, the winning crew took home a scholarship, a trophy, and the opportunity to be advertising models for financial services for teenagers.

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In the final episode, the top crews faced off one more time to take the top spot. Each performance set fire to the stage, but in the end, only one crew could be crowned: TURNS.

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Jungkook enthusiastically congratulated TURNS via an Instagram story; “Congrats on first place TURNS AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…” 

As it turns out though, NEWNION, the Runner-Up, was Jungkook’s favorite crew. He gave them a shoutout, acknowledging their hard work.


They were my first choice TT
All of you worked hard
I had so much fun watching while I was on break

— Jungkook

Jungkook also bid farewell to the rest of the crews by writing, “Bye Floor,” “Bye Clue C [K.L.W.C],” “Bye Brand New Child,” and “Bye Mis Molly,” in four different stories.

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Check out NEWNION’s reaction here:

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