BTS’s RM Shows His Support For Reality Show “Street Girls Fighter”

We love a supportive senior.

BTS‘s RM has just gotten back to South Korea and he’s currently serving his quarantine. After a great tour in Los Angeles, he stayed back for some downtime in the country before returning to his homeland. While he’s getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation, it seems that quarantine boredom has gotten to the star.

On December 17, 2921, he asked for recommendations on shows to watch. Through Weverse, he asked ARMY, “Guys, I started quarantine… Please recommend things to watch.”

A fan immediately recommended Secret Forest and Street Girls Fighter.

Street Girls Fighter is the current hot reality show. A spinoff of the popular Street Woman Fighter dancing reality survival, Street Girls Fighter features South Korea’s promising talents with high school crews participating. RM readily accepted the recommendations.

  • “Ah.”
  • “Ooh, Street Girls Fighter, let’s gooo”

True to his word, RM began to watch the addictive reality series.

Street Girls Fighter is super fun.

— RM

He even expressed sadness when one of the crews got eliminated on December 22, 2021.

Oh my, Amazon *sob sob*

— RM

His shock was evident as he posted an Instagram story of the elimination. He even let out a gasp.

He ended off with a kind word of encouragement to the rest of the teams as well.

Hwaiting to all of the remaining crews~~~!!

— RM

The crews definitely deserved RM’s recognition and praise for their hard work on the show. Be sure to tune in to Street Girls Fighter as well to catch up on what RM is watching.

Source: theqoo