Here Are 10 Moments Showing How Manly BTS Jungkook’s Physique Is IRL

#4 really feels like you’re seeing him in person.

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for his tall, muscular build — and it’s somehow even more shocking in real life. Check out these 10 moments that give you a glimpse into what he actually looks like up close!

1. Wearing a button-up shirt shows off his build.

There’s a reason BTS compliments his muscles all the time!

2. He’s much taller than BTS’s staff member.

His shoulders are quite wide, too.

3. His legs are endless!

They go on for days.

4. This is what you call “idol proportions.”

One look and you know he’s famous.

5. He can hide in that hoodie…

…but everyone can tell it’s him!

6. Seriously, how long are his legs?!

His proportions are model-like.

7. Imagine seeing Jungkook walking down the street.

You would instantly recognize his tall build.

8. There’s something about the way he walks…

…that fans can’t get enough of!

9. He exudes power.

It’s all in his step.

10. Seeing him IRL is a dream come true.

Lucky ARMYs know the truth!