An ARMY Lists 5 Reasons Why BTS’s Jungkook Drives Them Crazy…But They Forgot One Thing, According To J-Hope

Do you agree with their reasons?

Recently, an ARMY posted on Weverse their top 5 reasons why BTS‘s Jungkook is a one-of-a-kind idol…but they forgot one thing, according to J-Hope! Check out what they had to say, along with J-Hope’s addition, below.

1. Jungkook is a triple threat.

The three components that make up Jungkook are: He’s a main vocal…

…part of the dance line…

…and a visual! Basically, he’s the total package.

2. 2022 marks his 10-year career as an idol but he’s only 25.

It might to be hard to remember sometimes that this…

…started as this! 

3. He quietly does his work well.

Manly-man Jungkook works hard on everything he does.

It’s hard to break his focus when he’s serious about something!

4. He’s simultaneously a man and a baby at the same time.

As the youngest, Jungkook is too cute.

No matter how much he grows, he’s forever the baby of BTS!

However, he’s also 100% man!

He’s cool, charismatic, and a total heartthrob.

5. He’s self-motivated to continue bettering himself.

Jungkook never stops pushing himself to do his best and to grow as both an artist and as a person.

He’s always gaining new skills, trying new things, and trying as hard as he can!

6. J-Hope’s reason: “He’s cool from a fellow member’s point of view.”

Even according to a BTS member, Jungkook is seriously cool.

However, there’s nothing cooler than J-Hope and Jungkook together!

ARMYs can confirm that both of them have their own unique qualities that make them so loveable!