Who Is The Real Hyung? 10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Scolded Jimin Just For Fun

He just loves to tease Jimin.

BTS‘s youngest member, Jungkook, loves to tease his hyungs (older members), especially Jimin. Here are 10+ he scolded him just for fun!

1. That time Jimin left him out of a broadcast

Jimin and Jin ended their show with ARMY just before Jungkook could join in. Well, Jungkook was not having that! He started his own live stream — after scolding Jimin first.

“Jungkook scolded me,” Jimin said playfully. “He was very upset.” “I didn’t lash out at you though,” Jungkook replied, laughing.

2. That’s not how you eat toast

Jungkook didn’t approve of Jimin’s plain snack choices, and he let him know it!

3. “You don’t even know how to use it.”

When Jimin tried to shoo Jungkook away from touching their karaoke machine, Jungkook critiqued Jimin’s tech skills.

4. Formal language? I think not.

When Jimin failed to hit the ball during BTS’s water games, “Jungkook hyung” shouted, “You just punch it!” at him, using informal language.

5. “Did you practice?”

MC Jimin was in the middle of eating cake, so naturally, it was the perfect time to scold him about polishing his skills.

6. Don’t skip meals!

When Jungkook cutely pestered Jimin about skipping a meal, he sounded exactly like a parent scolding his child.

7. You’re under arrest

Officer Jungkook interrogated Jimin for committing an unacceptable crime: setting ARMY’s heart on fire.

He even brought Jimin’s embarrassing photo out as evidence!

8. “He drives me nuts.”

When Jimin was moving too slowly, Jungkook vented by saying, “he drives me nuts.” 

Then he chastised Jimin for taking forever. “He drives me nuts,” Jungkook said again. “It’s not just once or twice.” 

9. No promotion for you

When BTS performed an office skit, Boss Jungkook repimanded his underling for writing down the wrong words. “That’s why you’re forever a section head,” Jungkook said.

10. When Jungkook was 200% done with getting soaked

On Run BTS!, Jungkook shouted at Jimin to stop saying the forbidden words that triggered water attacks from the staff.

| Weverse

11. Turn the music down!


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