These 11 Throwbacks Of BTS’s Vocal Line Will Hit You Right In The Feels

#5 will make you feel all sorts of emotions.

It’s been a journey over the last 7 years with BTS‘s vocal line, consisting of Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Take a look at how well they’ve grown up, some of their most iconic moments, and more below!

1. Meet the owners of the angelic voices behind your favorite BTS songs.

How is it possible that their faces are just as ethereal as their vocals?

2. “Spring Day” era lives in ARMYs minds rent-free.

Vocal line showed what they’re capable of in the legendary chart-topping anthem.

3. If you remember this, you’re an OG ARMY.

Just four boys ready to sing Taeyang’s “You’re My” in the park.

4. Buddies who shoot CFs together, stay together.

Whatever they’re selling, ARMYs are buying.

5. Nobody was ready for their “Dimple” performance, but we’re grateful it happened…

….and we think about it every day.

6. Are you sure this isn’t also the visual line?

Name a better quartet. We’ll wait.

7. Polished, classy, and oh-so amazing.

These boys have grown up so well.

8. If you listen close enough, you can hear this GIF.

Technically, you can’t, but your heart should fill in the gaps.

9. Let’s be honest: These outfits were a cultural reset.

Thank you very much, 5th Muster.

10. A moment of silence for all the tears we’ve shed listening to “The Truth Untold.”

If you didn’t cry your eyes out while watching this performance, are you even an ARMY?

11. Time flies when you’re stanning actual angels.

The men you are today, vocal line!


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