4 Idols Who Went Viral For Being BTS Jungkook’s Look-Alikes

#2 is so similar, you’ll do a double take.

Jungkook of BTS has a distinct appearance: Round eyes, cute nose, bunny teeth, and shaggy hair. Fans have noticed these specific idols who bear a strong resemblance to the Golden Maknae and you won’t believe their similarities.

1. Y (Golden Child)

Y is also a main vocalist with a powerful yet soothing voice.


Fans noted how his nose and bunny teeth are reminiscent of Jungkook.

Don’t let his youthful looks fool you: He’s actually two years older!

Watch his cover of “In My Blood” below to hear the true beauty of Y’s voice!

2. Hiroto (IVVY)

Hiroto is the leader of J-Pop group IVVY.


He’s multi-talented and has skills in singing, dancing, and rapping.

There is something about the angle of his selfies that drives ARMYs crazy…

His dancing prowess can be seen below in his dance practice video for “Goddess.”

3. Sungjin (DAY6)

Sungjin is the leader, main vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of DAY6. He also happens to be born in Busan.


From his big, round eyes, to his adorable nose, his face seems very familiar.

Sungjin proves himself as a talented main vocalist in the following clips, and we can’t get enough of his voice!

4. Sunyoul (UP10TION)

Sunyoul is the main vocalist of UP10TION.


His bunny teeth and puppy dog eyes are captivating.

Even his gentle hand movements remind us of Jungkook.

He showcases the unique talents of his voice by singing Idina Menzel’s “Into the Unknown” in the original key, and he slays it!