10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Actually Lost Games And Paid The Price

Even the “Golden Maknae” loses…sometimes.

BTS‘s “Golden Maknae” is good at pretty much everything, including winning games. Jungkook is also very competitive, so it’s rare to see him lose at anything. Here are 10+ times he actually lost a game…for once!


1.When he lost this bottle cap game…


…and his hyungs took their revenge


2. When he lost “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to Jimin…


…and had to eat an onion like an apple


3. When he had to drink this very “yummy” ultra-spicy beverage


4. That time he lost a game by losing his balance

5. When he was just too sleepy to get this song right the first time


6. When he said “damn” after losing “Rock, Paper, Scissors”


7. When he just couldn’t get the hang of this card game…and threw the cutest fit ever


8. That time he put the “bad” in badminton…


9. …and failed at soccer-volley ball…


10. …more than once

11. To be fair though, nobody won those games!