Here Are 20 Photos Showing How BTS’s Jungkook Changed Throughout “Love Yourself” Era

The moment #8 happened, everyone realized he was an adult.

During BTS‘s “Love Yourself” era, Jungkook grew up. A lot. This era may have only lasted a year and a half at most, but that didn’t stop him from rapidly maturing into the charismatic idol he is today. Check out his evolution during this iconic time period!

1. He started out with clean-cut, boyish good looks.

2. During “Love Yourself: Her,” he unleashed his flower boy aura!

3. “DNA” also gave him the chance to show off his whistling skills.

4. Everyone say thank you to the stylist who chose this blue silk shirt.

5. Gone, but not forgotten.

6. Honesty, he can pull off any shirt color — and pants, for that matter.

7. “Love Yourself: Tear” was released the following year.

8. Jungkook decided it was finally time to show off his ripped physique.

9. He suited the dark and edgy concept.

10. His gaze is just as powerful as his body!

11. Denim-on-denim never looked so good.

12. His power!

13. “Love Yourself: Answer” showed the two sides of Jungkook.

14. He tried his bravest hair experiment to date: Bright cherry red.

15. It fit him like a glove!

16. When it was styled down, he retained his boyish charm.

17. Jungkook stans need a petition to bring this look back.

18. He slayed this look during “Idol.”

19. He couldn’t look any better than he does in a suit.

20. Let’s be honest: It’s impossible to resist Jungkook’s charms!

Source: TheQoo