10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Looked Like A Human Doll Getting His Makeup Done

Nobody can watch #4 just once. 😍

BTS‘s Jungkook is beyond gorgeous! When he’s sitting in the makeup chair getting ready backstage, his doll-like visuals are more apparent than ever. Check out some of his most mesmerizing moments below.

1. His flawless face is the perfect canvas for any makeup look.

2. From his porcelain skin and doe eyes, Jungkook is the definition of perfect.

3. We love a smokey eye shadow look on him.

4. The finishing touch is his cherry lip stain.

5. BRB, researching how to become a makeup artist.

6. Even when the members are playing around as his stylist, he still rocks it!

7. He is the 🥺 emoji in real life!

8. Have you ever seen a bunny getting his makeup done?

9. Red-haired Jungkook, we will never forget you.

10. Nothing is cuter than when he’s falling asleep in the styling chair.

11. That smile! 😍

12. He’s so handsome in a tie and a blazer.

13. Whatcha looking at?

14. Admit it: He’s the guy of your dreams.

15. A makeup artist in the making!

16. Whether he’s on stage or off stage, Jungkook is always serving visuals.