Here Are 7 Of The Cutest Moments Where The BTS Members Were So Proud Of Jungkook

#2 was such a special moment!

Jungkook will always be the beloved youngest of BTS. Just like true older brothers, the members look at him with the utmost pride in everything he does. Check out some of the most precious moments they couldn’t hold back their love for the maknae below!

1. When Jungkook spoke eloquently during their Festa Dinner

After his concluding speech, the members went on about his maturity and wisdom.

2. Attending his graduation

As the youngest, he will always be their baby!

3. When he released “Your Eyes Tell”

The members will always vouch for his work ethic and skills.

4. When the entire group witnessed an ad featuring him

Fansite JungkookCHINA created a TV advertisement featuring Jungkook’s accomplishments throughout the years, and everyone was able to see on the big screen.

5. Watching him rehearse and perform “Euphoria”

No matter how many times they see it, Jungkook will always amaze his members with this spectacle of a performance.

6. Giving speeches during awards shows

The older boys show their classic “hyung smile” when watching him proudly.

7. When he spoke at the White House

Seeing the youngest all grown up and making changes in the world is extra sentimental.