15 BTS Jungkook Memes That Are Funny As Hell And Relatable AF

He’s a living meme.

BTS‘s Jungkook is as funny as he is talented, providing fans with the very best meme content. These 15 Jungkook memes that will brighten your day!


1. When somebody criticizes you for buying The BTS Meal

2. When you’re caught in a love triangle with Samsung and iPhone

3. The poem that wrote itself

4. Every ARMY after HYBE comes for their wallet

5. BTS vs their 2021 FESTA exam

Spoiler: Jungkook had one of the highest scores!

6. When your bestie is Worldwide Handsome

Jin as Mother Gothel and “Grubby Jungkook” as Rapunzel

7. Our daily struggle

8. What is “normal” anyway?

9. The reason why ARMY has trust issues

10. We’ve all been here

11. The question: “Which artists do you want to collaborate with?”

The answer:

12. Us every time HYBE drops new Jungkook content

13. I see no difference…

14. “BTS isn’t the best—”

15. No one can be cuter than this “bunny.” No one.