10+ Peak Jungkook Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Concert In Seoul

You don’t want to miss this!

After two years, BTS is finally performing again at Olympic Stadium in Seoul! Day 1 of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE was jam-packed with moments that fans will never forget. Here are 10+ of Jungkook‘s!


1. When he reminded everyone that, yes, Suga hyung does let him do whatever he wants

2. When he gave “Baepsae” stans the show they came to see

3. Looking at his “first and last role model” with pure adoration

4. Multi-tasking like a king!

5. When he left the stage to dance directly in front of ARMYs

(Somebody please check on them!)

6. This robotic freestyle dance

7. When he just wouldn’t leave V alone

8. Just a baby bunny doing baby bunny things

9. When he sang “Blue & Grey” like an angel

10. When he changed the lyrics for “Telepathy”

11. This caption says it all!

12. This adorable entrance

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